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Hollywood, California Trivia

  1. The famous Hollywood Sign was erected in 1923 to advertise a real estate development - the sign originally said "Hollywoodland" but after maintenance stopped being done on the sign in 1939, the sign fell into total disrepair. When plans were finally made to tear down the sign in 1949 there was such a public outcry that the sign was saved, with the last four letters removed.

  2. The Hollywood Sign is four stories high!

  3. In 1932, actress Peg Entwistle, forever after known as the "Hollywood Sign Girl", jumped 50 feet to her death from the letter H.

  4. Four "Stars" have been stolen from the Hollywood Walk of Fame - and these things weigh 300 pounds each!

  5. Charlie Chaplin was slated to be among the original 500 honorees on Walk of Fame in 1958, but he did not get his star until 1972 because of anti-communist hysteria.

  6. Hollywood was originally the site of a fig orchard.

  7. Hollywood became a part of the city of Los Angeles in 1910.

  8. Bela Lugosi was buried in the same type of cape that he wore when portraying Count Dracula.

  9. The Hollywood & Highland complex sits on the site of the old Hollywood Hotel, a classic "grand hotel" built in 1902 and torn down in 1956.

  10. The gigantic white elephants atop pillars in the Hollywood & Highland complex were inspired by the set of D.W. Griffith's 1916 epic, Intolerance.

  11. Alexander Pantages - he of the theatre chain, including the magnificent structure at 6233 Hollywood Blvd. - was convicted of raping a 17 year old girl, and was sentenced to 50 years in prison. In the manner of Tinseltown's rich and famous, however, he was able to get a new trial on appeal, and was acquitted.

  12. According to a quick search on Wikipedia the most common surname found on the Walk of Fame is Moore, with 14.

  13. D.W. Griffith's Old California (1910) is considered the earliest movie filmed entirely within Hollywood.

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